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About us


The Rastlinice project started with a simple question: “Where to with cuttings?”. The idea developed to replace them, thus providing them with better conditions for growth and getting new plants in return. We designed an online platform for the exchange of all types of houseplants and developed it with the help of the City Incubator program, implemented by the Young Dragons Public Institution.

We put a lot of energy and love into the project, so we are sincerely looking forward to every change. Together we write a wonderful story and realize a vision of a green and connected future. We want the plants to have optimal conditions for growth and refresh every home. With your help, we are growing and spreading among all people.

Our mission We help plants find the perfect home. We encourage the transfer of knowledge and good practices on plant breeding. We are committed to a responsible attitude towards nature. We want to connect people through plants.


We respect nature

Nature is a part of us and our home. Plants are living beings that clean the air and make our world more beautiful. We strive to maintain the stability of the ecosystem as much as possible in cities. We expect every member of the plant family to share with us a passion for and respect for nature.

We respect fellow human beings

We are aware that we are not alone in the world. Each of us is part of a jigsaw puzzle and together we write a wonderful story. We are as strong as the weakest link, so we stand in solidarity and feel with people in need.



I am a computer science student and a passionate bookseller. While walking around the city, I imagine our dwellings clad in green facades and covered with live hats. Their residents on the balconies drink tea with their favorite plant, or pick fresh herbs in the kitchen and spice up their day with them. This is my vision and that is why I am part of the Rastlinic team. I wish you would like to use the exchange as it is made thoughtfully and with love.


I am a law student and I love houseplants, especially those with large leaves. I like to go for walks and watch the sunset.


I am a student of graphic and interactive communications, a lover of the sun and animals. Plants are one of my favorite projects I’ve been involved in. I wish you new friends would make you happy at least as much as I create their images. Free interior design advice: plants beautify the space for 100%, so get to work quickly. Lots of inspiration in finding the nicest roommates!


An economics student and a passionate gardener. We created an exchange office for plants. We later found out that the plants created an exchange office for us. They made us even more united and motivated to bring nature into every home and connect people through a common passion. Each change represents a leaf of a mighty canopy. Thank you for growing with us.


Young Dragons Public Institution

Legal formal-support and mentoring.

City incubator

Partial financial support of the project and professional assistance.

Moment Collective

Independent creative production house.

4Lune Plant

Zavod 4Lune

We develop initiatives with a positive social impact.

Space for you!

If you find the project interesting and want to participate, contact us at and we will be happy to answer.