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Principles of exchange

Rules for replacing plants in the exchange office:

  1. Put your personal safety first
    Use our website at your own risk. ALWAYS be careful when agreeing with anyone. Please note that all information you post on this website is publicly available. Do not post personal information on this website. If you suspect that someone poses a threat, report it to us and notify local law enforcement immediately in the event of any incidents.
  2. DO NOT give, take or transport plants with pests or diseases
    Always check for new parasites for parasites or disease. Do not emit any plants that you suspect are infected with any type of pest or disease. You agree that “no person may sell, exchange, offer for sale or move, transport, deliver, ship or offer to send live insects in any state of their development or harmful weeds, live fungi, bacteria, viruses or other living plant parasitic organisms ’.
  3. Obey all laws about invasive, endangered or illegal plants
    The site is intended to facilitate the exchange of plants in a manner consistent with all applicable local laws. You are responsible for notifying us of any laws that apply to your location. You may not use our site to exchange any illegal plants or plants whose products or uses may be illegal.
  4. Be honest and polite
    Do not use offensive language on our website or when interacting with other members in matters related to You agree not to misrepresent any information. may block the IP addresses of users who violate any of our terms. You agree that you will not try to avoid such measures.

If you have any questions or feel that we do not adhere to these exchange principles, please contact us immediately through ours contact pages.