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Your plant guide

Everything you need to know to use an exchange office

Your plant guide

Everything you need to know to use an exchange office

To change in three easy steps

Add your own plant

The first important step is to add the plant you want to replace or donate. To do this, you must first log in or register. By clicking on the "Add plant" button, a form opens in which you enter basic information about the plant, such as the name, description and the desired place of exchange. You can then share it with the world and the ad will appear in the exchange. You can see more detailed information with pictures and useful tips for changing below.

Find the plant of your dreams

If you feel a call within you that you want to accept a new roommate into your home, the "Exchange" tab is created for you. In the exchange office, you can search for plants according to the location and type of ad (donate, exchange).

Arrange for an exchange

If you want to adopt a new plant, you can arrange for a takeover or exchange. The contact of the person with whom the plant lives can only be seen by registered users. On the website, we have also added the possibility of sending private messages. It is important to take care of the comfort and safety of the plants while traveling to a new home, as this can be very stressful for them.

Tips for improving your ads


In addition to Slovenian, he also uses the Latin name.


Quality pictures of plants say more than a thousand words.


You have your hands free to choose the way you communicate.

You can agree on a change in your own way, so decide on the way of communication that is your favorite. We also enabled the sending of private messages on the website.


Choose a location to change where you feel safe.


Better description, fewer additional questions.

rastlinice izmenjevanje

We take security seriously.

We want all users of our platform to feel safe. You have complete control over the sharing of your personal, contact and location information. We encourage you to make the change in places where you feel safe. In case you notice an inappropriate post or personal message, immediately inform us at, or on social networks.

Are you still in doubt?

Below are detailed instructions


To add your plant to the exchange office, you must first register or. to report. After a successful login, the Add Plant button appears in the upper right corner.



After clicking on the Add a plant button, a form will open in which you fill in the basic information about the plant and say what you want to get in return. You need to include at least one picture of the plant in the gallery to make it easier for other users to imagine what you are talking about. You also need to specify the location where you want to change. Choose a place where you feel safe. You have the option to preview the post before you finally add the plant.



When you are satisfied with your post and finalize it, the plant appears in the exchange office. You can view your added plants in your profile, in the tab of my plants. To correct or supplement your post, do so by clicking the Edit button.



We will publish the instructions soon.

We will publish the instructions soon.