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Nasveti za življenje s sobnimi rastlinami

Tips for living with houseplants

Each plant is unique and needs special care. In general, however, three factors are crucial for plant care.

  1. Light - most plants thrive best in a bright room, but other than certain (cacti) do not like direct light. The shade is not the most suitable for growth, certain types of palms thrive in it.
  2. Watering - one of the common mistakes is to water the plants too much. Plants with thicker leaves and cacti on average need less frequent watering. Quite successful is the method with a finger that we put a few inches into the ground and check the humidity.
  3. Growth medium - different plants thrive best in different types of growth media. The most reliable choice for laymen is probably a mixture of soil from a garden equipment store. Some plants like sandy base, peat moss, perlite.

The article is incomplete, we will complete it in the coming days.

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